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June 02, 2004


Niek is one of the bloggers with whom I'm never sure as to what degree I agree or disagree with him. Like, with Sunday's entry on his weblog, I kind of like the pictures, but then I also don't, because I just can't share his appreciation of thongs at all. And I agree with much of what he says in this entry, and yet I don't. Which makes reading his weblog worthwhile. Because the interesting thongs things are not those with which you totally agree or disagree, but those that puzzle you a while before you figure them out.

Posted by Horst on June 2, 2004 01:00 AM to linkage | Tell-a-friend

Niek Hockx said on June 2, 2004 01:24 AM:

Go figure! ;-)

dieter said on June 2, 2004 10:52 AM:

Well, at least, Niek's photos are a valid argument against wearing string tangas. ;-)

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