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May 22, 2004

Exempt from responsibility

Amid global outrage over the abuse by U.S. soldiers of Iraqi detainees, the Bush administration has asked the United Nations Security Council to exempt its troops serving in UN-approved peace-keeping operations from prosecution for war crimes before the new International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague in the Netherlands for another year. ...

"Given the recent revelations from Abu Ghraib prison," said Richard Dicker of Human Rights Watch (HRW), "the U.S. government has picked a hell of a moment to ask for special treatment on war crimes."

HRW, Amnesty International, as well as hundreds of other national and international human rights groups that belong to the International NGO Coalition for the ICC, are urging governments to speak out against the extension of UN Security Council Resolution 1487, which was first approved, after the U.S. threatened to veto all UN peacekeeping missions if it did not get its way, in 2002 and subsequently renewed in 2003. [Source:]

More: Reuters, BBC, Amnesty International, Associated Press

The Bush administration argues that the International Criminal Court ... could be used for frivolous or politically-motivated prosecutions of American troops. [Source: The Scotsman]

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