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March 23, 2004

Bhagat Singh (d. 23-03-1931)

On March 23rd, 1931, one day earlier than scheduled, a man called Bhagat Singh and two of his associates were executed in Lahore Central Prison (India), their bodies smuggled out through the back door, chopped into pieces and burnt by British officers.

Bhagat Singh's story is extraordinary and very relevant today, as he is a prime example of somebody you could either call a "freedom fighter" or a "terrorist", depending on your perspective, and these days perspective seems to be more crucial than ever when it comes to political activism.

As one might expect, Bollywood has made a number of movies about this charismatic man, no fewer than five in 2002 alone, of which probably Rajkumar Santoshi's The Legend of Bhagat Singh [2] (the only one of the five I've seen myself) seems to be the best. It has a couple of historical inaccuracies and some weaknesses which are most likely due to its completion in great haste for a release before the other movies, but I'd say it serves well as an introduction to the subject and makes a compelling 3-hour movie experience.

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