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February 19, 2004

Koloman Wallisch (†19-02-1934)

Koloman Wallisch before his execution

Koloman Wallisch, an Austrian democrat, was murdered by the Austrian fascists 40 years ago today. It was a purely political murder, intended as a blow against the democratic forces in Austria. Wallisch was executed for his involvement in the 1934 uprising against the fascists, although he had been one of the few Social Democrats who had opposed the uprising and there was no evidence against him. The picture above shows him two hours before his execution.

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nora said on February 27, 2004 04:21 PM:

has he actually gotten a street named after him yet? i remember 20 years ago they were considering it. well, if it had not happened till then, guess now it's not gonna happen. thanks for reminding, horst.

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