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November 08, 2003

All the water, all the air

This year's Visions of Science award in the category "Concepts" goes to Dr Adam Nieman, who has developed a computer model showing all the water and all the air in the world, compared to the size of the Earth itself. It's frightening. [found via Der Standard]

In related news: What is the Meatrix?

Posted by Horst on November 8, 2003 11:12 AM to linkage | Tell-a-friend

dieter said on November 8, 2003 11:28 PM:

Well that gives you a first idea of what Slartibartfast's wife must have gone through when she saw her place in the Universe in the right perspective. From the way the model looks, the water-ball includes salt water. And now consider that about one per cent of all the water on the world is drinkable - and the amount keeps shrinking thanks to pollution.

dieter said on November 8, 2003 11:29 PM:

Well, some nagging tells me, it was not actually Slartibartfast himself who invented the Vortex, but since someone has not returned my copy of the Restaurant, I cannot check.

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