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September 26, 2003

Friday links

Awful Plastic surgery, a weblog chronicling celebrity plastic surgery that has gone awry. This is strong stuff. Makes you wonder if plastic surgery can actually improve things. [via Presurfer]

Why the weather always seems to be bad on weekends. It's not Murphy's Law. It's pollution. [via BoingBoing]

Ewald Nowotny, a leading Austrian economics expert and former vice president of the European Investment Bank, has an explanation for the increasing number of power blackouts in Europe: it's privatisation. And apparently Enron played a key role in all of it.

For the first time in history, an underground station in Vienna will be closed today. Last chance for trainspotters to jump into their anoraks and take pictures.

And finally, here's what the world has been waiting for: Calendars of roundabouts. Love them. [via Ministry of Propaganda]

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nora said on September 27, 2003 05:25 AM:

i know three people off hand who would just love one of these calendars. that's a bit scary.

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