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September 17, 2003

Going up

Lately, I have these weird dreams involving elevators. This may have to do with the fact that we have a lot of elevators where I work, and they seem to be out of order most of the time.

Anyway, in this dream, which is set somewhere similar to where I work, I and some colleagues are trying to get this elevator to take us somewhere where we need to go for some reason, but it's like it's either possessed by ghosts or controlled by some sinister power, because it never takes us where we want to go. In one case we end up on the wrong floor in a part of the building that is still under construction, with no walls or floors or anything, in another case it takes us to some really spooky basement. It seems all the time we are pressing buttons, but not getting anywhere.

At some point we are outside the elevator, waiting for it to arrive, and lo and behold, the elevator does arrive from below, and it also looks brand new. As the door opens, we notice it's also brand new inside (white and dark bluish, sort of). It is then that we see there's a young man lying on the floor, mid-twenties, blond. He looks like he's asleep, but soon it becomes clear that he is actually dead.

I hear somebody say, "Poor guy, he couldn't take the pressure. He went up too fast." Somebody else keeps saying, "He doesn't belong here. Send him down. It's not our elevator either, it doesn't belong here, send it down", repeating the sentence with greater and greater urgency, as if something terrible were to happen if we didn't send it down again.

So I step in, push the button, and jump out before the door closes again. We all watch the elevator go down. As it disappears, everybody seems to be very, very relieved.

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