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September 04, 2003

Thursday links

Elevator Moods changes your perspective (requires Flash). [via jenett]
Robert Kagan on the US-European relationship. [via Rollberg]
Hetty asks: Does the US now own China, too?
Ralf's Finnegans Wake illustrations are now online. Haldur loves the Mookse.
Creepy:'s spider identification chart [via Presurfer]

And finally, words of wisdom deduced from the Columbia Accident Investigation Board: "Engineers are trained to ask 'what could possibly go wrong?'. Managers are, too, but they use the phrase with a completely different intonation." [via megnut]

Posted by Horst on September 4, 2003 11:10 AM to linkage | Tell-a-friend

The Cartoonist said on September 4, 2003 12:55 PM:

I am amazed. Trackback seems to be working. And thanks!

Megan said on September 4, 2003 03:43 PM:

Robert Kagan expanded the Policy Review article into a book, Of Paradise and Power, which was on the US bestseller lists for quite some time. Then, maybe you already know this. Anyway, it's quite an interesting read if you can get a copy.

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