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About The Aardvark Speaks

The editorial board

) lives in Vienna, where he works as a software engineer. Richard likes tomato soup, reading books about traditional Chinese medicine and not talking about software engineering. //--> ) is not a real duck, but a human being who has joined us as an occasional writer and wishes to remain anonymous. The Duck likes swimming, mostly. //-->
Horst Horst Prillinger () works as a librarian, teacher and university lecturer in Vienna, Austria. He started this weblog in August 2002. Horst likes Asian food, weird movies, and travelling by underground. More about Horst...
Haldur Haldur Gislufsson () is a moose and works as a moose in Vienna, where he shares a flat with Horst. Haldur likes daisies, eating elk grass and baking moose-shaped chocolate chip cookies.

The manifesto

Blogging on this weblog is governed by the rules laid down in the Aardvark blogging manifesto, which was signed by the members of the editorial board on October 23rd, 2003. Click this link for the current version of the blogging manifesto.

The software, the standards, etc.

Movable Type 2.661, XHTML 1.0 wherever possible, Dublin Core (woo!) and yes, we do have a Dave Winer-compliant, unfunky RSS 2.0 feed for your news aggregator (and if you insist, we also have an Atom feed).

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Dr. Horst Prillinger, Westbahnstraße 28, A-1070 Wien
Adresse der Redaktion: Westbahnstraße 28, A-1070 Wien

Grundlegende Richtung des Mediums:
Veröffentlichung von Neuigkeiten aus aller Welt, kritische Kommentare zu tagesaktuellen Ereignissen, Spaß- und Nonsensartikel sowie Publikation literarischer Texte.

Information gemäß § 5 E-Commerce-Gesetz:

Dr. Horst Prillinger, Westbahnstraße 28, A-1070 Wien,

Da es sich hierbei um keinen kommerziellen Dienst handelt und ich weder ein Unternehmen noch umsatzsteuerpflichtig bin, entfallen die Angaben gemäß § 5 Abs. 4 bis 7 E-Commerce-Gesetz.

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Most of the stuff on this page is fiction. Everything else is my private opinion. Please read the disclaimer.

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