Ten tips to make sure your chili plants grow

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  1. Provide a sufficiently large flower pot. The minimum is 17-19cm (about 7").
  2. Make sure the plant is not exposed to temperatures below 10°C (50F).
  3. Don't keep the plant too moist - water only if earth is very dry or if plant looks exhausted.
  4. Put plant in a bright, warm spot. Direct sunlight is advised.
  5. Don't use fertilizer - if you do, the plant will grow lots of branches and leaves, but no chilis.
  6. Remove the first blossom or chili. This will multiply your harvest.
  7. If there are blossoms, but no chilis, use a cotton swab to pollinate them.
  8. If the plant has aphids, put the plant outside and hope for ladybirds, carpenter bees or ichneumon wasps.
  9. If the plant has lots of aphids, shower it with lukewarm water.
  10. If the plant has lots of aphids and lots of black larvae, rejoice, for the ladybirds have arrived.

(plants in office, awaiting collection)

Still plenty of chili plants where these came from, contact me if you want some.

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