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Please tell us your name

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Spammers and phishers never cease to amaze me, and it seems that they provide some valuable insight into the psyche of the people they are targetting. Consider for example this mail, which I received today:


They first address me by my full name, and then they tell me that all they need to send me money is my first name and surname, no additional information required.

I'm assuming that the web page I'm supposed to visit has been designed to install a virus on my computer, but the interesting questions here are:

  • How many people will actually click on the link?
  • Is the fact that the mail is asking to provide information that the sender already knows an oversight,
  • or has it been specifically designed that way because they are assuming that people who don't realize that they're being tricked are also less likely to have anti-virus software installed?
Update: Apparently they're not installing a Trojan, but simply offering a dubious job. Unser t├Ąglich Spam has details.