Find Osama!


American soldiers have recently found Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. In 1971, the bin Laden family took a trip to Sweden, where this picture (source: Die Zeit) was taken.

Now here's the real mindboggler: Who on this picture is Osama bin Laden? (Click on the picture to enlarge it.) And, most importantly: can you solve this mystery without consulting Google?


Third from the right in the blue jacket.

My answer, right or wrong, is from looking at this picture only (no googling).

@Jann. I thought it might be the cool kid in violet. After that, I googled and found out we are both wrong. But does it matter? The picture clearly shows how much has changed in the Middle East since that time.

I don't think the bin Laden family is anti-western; they disowned Osama, and the Saudi government revoked his passport and stripped him of his his citizenship. And yes,in 1971,the middle east was vastly different; e.g.,the Shah was still in power and the Iran hostage crisis was still 8 years in the future. I still have not googled this picture, in case second guesses were required, so, dieter, I'm taking your word that my first guess is wrong. My second guess is the kid in the front wearing the hat and the green sweater tied around his neck.

I agree with Jann--hat/green sweater.

Unfortunately, Laura, we're both wrong. After my second guess, I gave up and googled this picture. The person identified as Osama doesn't even look like him; in addition one of Osama's brothers (allegedly) said he wasn't even in this photo. But who really knows?

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