Discomfort food


It's bad enough when you feel that your food is looking at you, but the idea of chickens winking is just eerie and, quite frankly, not something I would pay for.


Maybe they're winking because them is really leks. (Of the innumerable occasions where I had chicken wings in Buffalo, there was one time where there were small chicken drumsticks mixed in. They didn't fool me.)

@Jann. Actually, I would prefer drumsticks to wings, especially when the wings look that burned. And on a more general note, I also prefer my food not staring back at me when I eat it and I would really get freaked out if it winked.

@dieter. You just reminded me that when I was about two or three I saw a bullfrog staring at me from a piece of ground meat patty my father was trying to feed me. I did get freaked out, and refused to eat it, even though my mother tried to convince me it was a chunk of green pepper.

(I wasn't fooled by that either.)

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