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Essential exam accoutrements

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Revision bears, Study skills for dummies, Red Bull, Caffeine pills

Revision bears, Study Skills for Dummies, Red Bull, caffeine pills.

Seen at a bookshop that's affiliated with a university library. Not our library, but we might be considering.

Now that puts my mind at ease

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How very reassuring that they're not using any fake ingredients for this. Or virtual ingredients. Or whatever other frightening non-real substances there might be.

Where do we go from here?

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Every time I get to see other libraries, like I did extensively last week, I re-evaluate what we are doing at The Library. Following last week's visits, I am now convinced that The Library isn't a library at all. It's a book storage facility.

A real library is something like this:

Safety first

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Facebook, a phishing harbour?

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Not content with making formerly private information public to all, Facebook now seems to be a phishing harbour too:

Bildschirmfoto 2010-05-15 um 22.47.26.pngThis section, displayed on my, and doubtless many other people's Facebook pages, asks for my password in order to "connect me to my friends".

If I were to do that and indeed enter my password here, I would grant some unknown entity access to all my e-mails, my iDisk with 10 GB of private files, all my contacts, calendar items, web pages created with iWeb, not to mention all of my computers that are switched on and have screen sharing enabled.

This is potentially the most blatant and outrageous phishing attempt that I have come across in a long time, and it's not done via a dubious e-mail full of spelling mistakes, but rather via an item on a Facebook page that could have been created either by Facebook themselves or a third party. Unbelievable. 

I believe that these are valid questions

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People of all countries, who washes your socks? / What is the work of love today?

Discomfort food

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It's bad enough when you feel that your food is looking at you, but the idea of chickens winking is just eerie and, quite frankly, not something I would pay for.

NSW Online

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Summary for English readers: NSW Online is a tool to organise and access the reference works needed to add subject headings to the subject headings authority file SWD. Two test versions of this tool have been created and are currently available for testing.

NSW Online ist ein Tool zur Verwendung und Verwaltung der fachlichen Nachschlagewerke, die für Neuansetzung von Schlagwörtern in der Schlagwort-Normdatei SWD als Quellen zu verwenden sind.

Im Rahmen zweier Projekte an der Universitätsbibliothek Wien sind zwei Testversionen entstanden; eine XML-basierte Lösung und eine, die mit einem CMS verwaltet wird. Beide erlauben das Hinzufügen von Katalog- und Bestandsdaten durch die Anwender. Derzeit läuft eine Testphase, die dem Sammeln von Erfahrungen mit den Tools dient.