Flower power

An unknown man tried to mug a 51 year-old woman from Linz at her grandmother's grave. She managed to chase him away using candles and flowers.

My imagination is running wild.


So the old girl gave him what for and then some! Good for her. Maybe she shoved a bunch of thorny roses in his face and said something like, "I certainly hope you weren't thinking of robbing me, young man." But that sounds more like what a 71 year old woman would say...

@Jann. You can be dead sure that she had a differnt choice of words.

@dieter. Ha ha, yes, I'm quite sure that most 51 year old women would have a different choice of words. No examples needed. But the words I would attribute to the 71 year old, said with the proper ring of authority, (think of your most formidable school teacher, the one everybody, including most of the other teachers, was afraid of), would likely be just as effective, perhaps more so.

@Jann. Somehow, Margaret Rutherford in her Miss Marple films comes to my mind.

@dieter. That would work. I, however, was picturing my 8th grade math teacher, the formidable Mrs A. I will forever remember the mixture of horror and terror on the face of the science teacher, Mr M, as he announced, 10 minutes into first period, "Oh, my goodness, I forgot Mrs A." He grabbed his coat and ran out of the classroom. (They lived near each other and took turns driving each other to school.)

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