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Ah, the Austrian countryside, where placenames can be surprisingly... well, topographic. Hardly, however, do they appear as densely as here, where you get directions to "big mound", "round village" (or "wrestling village", if you're very literal), "upper ditch" and "lower ditch". It would seem that the mound and the ditches may be the direct cause of each other. 

Duet with Udo

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Last night I dreamed that I sang a duet with Udo Jürgens, of all people. It was like in those 1960s movies, when two actors walk around in the countryside, singing songs. We sang an anti-Capitalist fight song that I had written. The melody was so incredibly catchy that it was still stuck in my head for hours after I woke up. At one point, I was briefly angry at Udo because as we sang along, he suddenly changed a line of text into something that seemed incredibly clichéd to me. It was one of the weirdest dreams that I ever had.

Flower power

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An unknown man tried to mug a 51 year-old woman from Linz at her grandmother's grave. She managed to chase him away using candles and flowers.

My imagination is running wild.