The wondrous world of flavours


The wondrous world of food flavours never ceases to amaze me. Take, for example, the ingredients of this rather delicious goat cheese. Everything looks perfectly normal until you stumble across... "natural goat flavour".

Now what is that supposed to be? And, more interestingly, how on earth do you make goat flavour? Squeeze out goats? Collect yukky stuff from goat pens? And why would you need to add extra goat flavour to goat milk? What am I not getting here?


Ich denk das hat mit den Fettsäuren oder so zu tun. Die bedingen dieses Ziegenaroma. Siehe hier und hier (beides PDFs im Google Viewer).

The item under discussion appears to be a processed cheese product, and according to what I was reading yesterday about processed cheese foods, or processed cheese products, flavor is lost during the processing. So after they add the gelatin, the mono- and diglycerides (referred to here as "Emulgator:E417", and the vegetable fiber, (which is what I think "pflanzliche Asche" must be), they find they need to add back in some goat flavor. So they add something like 4-methyloctanoic and/or 4-methylnonanoic acid, which according to Wikipedia, are the substances which give goat meat its flavor. And the result? Delicious, apparently, as was the goat cheese I bought yesterday after reading this post. Mine contained pasturized goat milk, salt and enzymes. It was very smooth and tangy with a mild flavor. Yes, it was quite wonderful. :-)

Wikipedia article:
See under "meat."

And, Richard, I'm sorry, but I couldn't get your links to work.

@Jann: Never mind about Richard's links. They are two master's thesis on the the quality of goat milk and the importance of goat milk in human food - in German. You might have found them tedious...

Thank you, dieter, and you're probably right, in so far as long complicated things in German are difficult for me ... but I'm always interested in the comments and theories of other readers.

@Horst, somehow Passage Brady was a more inspiring look to come back to every time I check your blog for news.

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