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Terms in different countries that you should be wary of

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Czech Republic: "technických důvodů"

I am told that this means "for technical reasons". It also means that something is not available, does not work, or is closed. In fact, I found that "technických důvodů" is almost the only reason given in these cases, raising some serious doubt about the quality standards of Czech technology.

Belgium: "pour mieux vous servir"

This means "to serve you better". Actually, it means the opposite, for every time some service is cut back or terminated, it is ostensibly done "to serve you better". Says something about Belgian service if no service is better than what you got before.

United Kingdom: "improved"

Means that the manufacturer has found a way to cut costs. "Improved" therefore applies uniquely to the manufacturer and not to the customer, who usually gets an inferior product as a result.

France: "congès"

A ubiquitous sign everywhere in France in August. Does not mean "congress", but rather the opposite: it means they're closed because they're on holidays.

Austria: "Umleitung"

A road sign usually posted near places where construction or roadwork is taking place. Literally means "deviation", but really means "abandon all hope, the road endeth here". The sign will point you in a direction that is usually the opposite of where you want to go, and no matter how hard you look, you will not find another one of these signs that will send you back to the road that you left.

Summer blog break

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This is to inform you that due to other summer leisure activities, The Aardvark Speaks will take a summer break starting today. Blogging will resume in late August. Twitter updates will most likely continue. See you then.


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Summary for English readers: I already mentioned this in a blog post three years ago, but I'll give it another try: I'm looking for pictures of the restaurant Qusisana on Vienna's Mariahilferstrasse, an automat that closed around 1972. Anybody who can help me with this, please contact me.

Ich habe das schon mal vor drei Jahren gebloggt, bin aber noch immer nicht so recht auf einen grünen Zweig gestoßen, daher versuche ich es nochmals: ich suche immer noch Bilder vom Automatenrestaurant Qusisana, das sich bis ungefähr 1972 in der Mariahilfer Straße 34 im 7. Wiener Bezirk befunden hat. Am meisten interessieren mich Aufnahmen von der Inneneinrichtung, da es aber fast gar nichts über dieses Restaurant zu finden ist, wäre ich eigentlich über alles dankbar, auch verbale Beschreibungen, falls jemand damals dort war und sich noch erinnern kann.

(Ja, den Artikel von Reinhard Pohanka im Buch Die Sinalco-Epoche kenne ich. Aus dem Buch ist das Foto oben. Quasi alles andere wird dankbar entgegengenommen.)