Today's taxing library task

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What to do with a book...


...that doesn't have a title, or, for that matter, anything printed on any of the pages...

Bild067.jpg make sure that the readers don't think that this is accidental or a misprint?

Sophie Calle's Doubles-jeux comes in a box of eight books, seven of which describe various art projects that resulted from Calle's responses to tasks given to her by other people. The eighth volume, "Carnet", is just what its title says, an empty notebook.

Many other libraries who bought the box set did not keep the notebook; however, we believe the empty notebook to be something of an artistic statement too. Even though the box is referred to as a "coffret de 7 livres", the presence of an 8th book, be it an invitation to the reader to start his or her own double-jeu, or an extension of the seven other projects (many of which in fact consist of notes that Calle or other people initially scribbled into notebooks), seems significant enough to add it to our collection. As the book itself contains no text at all (other than the library stamp and the shelfmark, which in itself could be seen as the result of an artistic intervention), it might be considered more of an object than a book, but it still seems like an item that should be preserved.

Cataloguer's answer to the taxing task: add the text "Notizbuch mit leeren Seiten" to MAB category 517 [blank].

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Good luck with that. ; )

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