I rescued a sparrow today. I had entered a bakery to buy something to eat, only to find a shop assistant and two women with their eyes wide open, telling me something about a bird.

I didn't immediately get what they meant, but when I looked where they pointed, I saw a sparrow, which had somehow found its way into the bakery and was now trying to fly out through the window pane, which was of course hopeless.

I think the sparrow didn't realise it was being saved, because as soon as I had caught it, it screamed as I have never heard a sparrow scream. It was obviously panicking, fearing for its life. I carried it out the door as quickly as I could and released it. It flew away instantly.

I know nothing about the mental capacity of sparrows, but I do hope it somehow understood that I had been trying to help. I couldn't quite forget the poor bird's screams, and my hands shook for about five minutes, as if they had absorbed some of the bird's fear.


Birds and fear, a strange topic. We have a family of blackbirds living in our backyard, right in urban Vienna. When they have to raise their small ones, we help them out by feeding them raisins, which we leave on our window sills. Even though they now come regularly to pick up the raisins, there's still that perpetual alertness on their part, maybe even fear - who knows how to describe what birds feel. And do they know it's us who are supporting them? Do they even recognize us? Mysterious creatures.

Nice story! - I love to hear about animals being rescued.

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