Is the Flash plugin now mandatory?


I have an iBook which dates back to the year 2001 and which still happens to work fine and is sufficient for most of the tasks that I'm using it for, which is pretty amazing as it still runs on a 500 MHz G3 processor, which is anything other than state of the art these days.

The only thing it doesn't like: Flash animations. Figure this: an 8 year-old notebook that works great and at acceptable speed at pretty much everything, but when I open a web page with a Flash animation on it, it slows down to a grinding halt.

So it seems to me that my super fast computer in the office needs to be super fast only to be able to display pointless advertisements on web pages? (well, not quite, but you get the point.)

Anyway, nothing easier than that, I thought. I can simply remove the plugin, and the iBook will run at an acceptable speed all the time.

Acceptable yes, less annoying no.


When it doesn't find the plugin, Safari keeps throwing error messages that have to be acknowledged by clicking an "OK" button, sometimes more often than once for the same web page. Firefox keeps showing reminders that the plugin is missing, constantly shifting pages down and up again. Neither browser has an option to switch off these warnings.

Even worse than that, the Flash plugin seems to get reinstalled with every system or security update that Apple is publishing.

So is the Flash plugin now mandatory? Who decided that it was? Wouldn't web pages without Flash animations be a lot less obnoxious and, as my experience shows, a lot faster? Who other than advertisers needs Flash anyway?

And, most important of all: is there a way to get rid of these "missing plugin" warnings?


the obvious answer would be of course to switch to firefox and use the flashblock-plugin. ;-)

why do you stick with safari?

There's also clicktoflash ( ) for Safari, which helps me keep my sanity while browsing various "rich media" websites.

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