Class struggle on the Internet

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In response to a blog entry by Konstantin Klein, Jörg Kantel writes some "unsorted thoughts", in which he concludes the the Internet is currently the arena for a very specific kind of class struggle, one that takes place between the large media corporations who would like to appropriate as much space on the Internet as possible, and the user communities who want commerce-free public spaces to empower the individual. Governments, Kantel writes, play the handmaidens for the corporations:

[The World Wide Web] did not come into existence out of a social necessity, but by mere chance. ... This was a great piece of good luck because the Internet could develop without the pressures of commercial viability, which in turn led to the structures that we still use today.

It was only when commercialization set in that a Janus-headed net emerged: on one side there are all the nifty tools which we use to be able to turn every recipient into a potential sender of information and opinions, and on the other side there is a phalanx of ... media corporations who regard the net primarily as a distribution channel for their products. ... [The] war against music and film downloads is a mere pretext; their battle is directed against P2P in general as it does not only endanger their monetary interests, but also the hegemony of the (media) corporations over the Internet.

Net blockades [such as the one discussed in Germany at the moment] must be seen in the same context: the fight against child pornography also serves as a welcome pretext to implement censorship structures that protect the predominace of the corporations and are to guarantee their control of the net. [my translation]

The full article (in German) can be found on Der Schockwellenreiter.

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