Actual items

Promotional photograph of a McDonald's Chicken Wrap, and a picture of the actual item

Left: promotional picture of McDonald's Grilled Chicken Wrap ("pictures shown in advertisements are symbolic and are not necessarily exact representations of original product"). Right: actual item immediately after opening the package, before having eaten anything.


The actual item looks incredibly sad.

I think I've already stated my opinion on most of the offerings of McDonalds and Burger King: soggy cardboard, all of it! Does this photo not resemble soggy cardboard? Horst has just about made my case for me. The one exception - well I sort of like McDonald's "big breakfast"; the scrambled eggs, sausage patty, hashbrowns, and biscuit, (but now I think it's an English muffin - that's okay too).

I would be surprised (and slightly afraid) if the actual item came with built-in perspective faults (-:

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