Weblogs as communication tools for libraries and librarians

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As this happened during the time when this blog was on a hiatus and its space occupied by a fiction blog, I should perhaps draw some attention to the fact that I published a library- and weblog-related book back in March.

Weblogs als Kommunikationsformat für Bibliotheken und Bibliothekare is the print edition of my MSc (LIS) thesis, and it deals with using weblogs in the institutional context of a library, and how they can (and are) used by librarians as personal communication tools.

The book starts with a brief introduction into the functionality and possibilities of weblogs as a communication format; point out what uses and potentials they are offering as tools in general and in a library context, both for library-user interaction and for internal communication. It should be noted that weblogs need to be implemented as part of a larger communications strategy, and that a content policy is required, as weblogs do not automatically improve communication.

The book illustrates how 22 Austrian libraries were using weblogs or weblog-like tools on their websites and also includes a number of examples from libraries in the US and the UK to show what additional uses and applications are possible.

The book is available through booksellers in Austria and Germany, or from Amazon.de. As the title suggests, it is written in German language.

Horst Prillinger: Weblogs als Kommunikationsformat für Bibliotheken und Bibliothekare: Potenziale und Praxisbeispiele - Norderstedt: Books on Demand, 2009. - 140 S. - ISBN 978-3-8370-5070-7 - €15.

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