The colour


I chose this template for my blog thinking that the dark parts in the header and sidebar were actually a black-ish gray, but on a different display I noticed they're actually brown. I'm not sure what to make of this. What do you think?

Layout of this page
What about the brown background on this page?

It's awful - change it.
It's not so bad, I don't mind.
It's nice - keep it.


It looks black on my monitor; only when I hold something very black next to it can I see that it's actually a very dark brownish-charcoal color. But then, black is not my favorite color for a blog header. So how do I vote?

It's impossible to tell what the others would look like without actually seeing them, e.g., red can be anything from a bright orangey red to a muted burgundy color, blue could be a very dark navy, almost black, or a bright crayon blue, or a green/gray/blue color like the ocean - is there any way we could actually see how the alternative templates would look?

Of these four choices, I agree that the brown is the best; my second choice would be the blue. But I am fussy about things like this, so if it were my blog, I would edit the stylesheet, and have it exactly to my liking, as this obviously is not for you, or you wouldn't be asking for our opinions ;-)

Okay, I've seen the brown plus three changes; even though I personally would prefer a lighter color, I like the black header with the red links better than the others. (The reason I'm not crazy about the black is that it reminds me of the old fashioned black bordered cards that were used for funerals and by the recently bereaved, or so I have read in books).

But strictly on looks, I like this one best so far ;-)

I like the brown, but on top, it is a bit heavy. Where has the moose puzzle gone?

On a more serious note: Put something lighter on top and it is fine to me.
Damn. I just looked at the templates, and my proposition does not seem like an option, or does it?
Still: some bright spot to counterbalance the heaviness of the header might help. There's all photos on the templates. Don't get me wrong, i like that you keep the overall appearance as sober as it generally is...

I like the darkbrown-green-combination very much!

Definitely not military on my Samsung at work. I will hook my old iBook at home back to the internet to check what you mean.

Amazing how MUCH the presentation of your work is subject to factors beyond your control once you put it on the net.

I somewhat miss the next/previous article feature your blog still had for the Mr. Singh story.

I like the new look, (the light gray header, the picture, and the darker gray sidebar), very much.

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