Bicycle in the office

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There is a bicycle in my office, and it's confusing the hell out of other people. They are asking things like "What is this?" and I say "It's a bicycle." Or they are asking "How did this bicycle get in here?" and I tell them, "I carried it upstairs." And even though I am answering their questions truthfully, they don't seem to be content with my answers.

I agree that not everybody has a bicycle in their office. In fact, few do. On the other hand, what's so strange about a bicycle in the office?
After all, the Great Rain started on Friday, June 19th. It then rained continuously until Tuesday, June 23rd. Even then, it has started raining every single day since then at the time when I was getting ready to leave the office. The alternatives to having the bicycle in my office are

(1) riding home in the pouring rain, or
(2) leaving the bicycle out in the rain.

Option (1) is highly incompatible with my personality, and as the rain has been rather persistent, option (2) would have exposed the bicycle to hostile weather and bicycle thieves for an uncomfortably long period of time.

So yes, the thing in my office is actually a bicycle.

1 Comment

At some time, there were so many bicycles in our office that they started to forbid bringing bikes inside. Instead they opened a special place for them.

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