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Mr Singh - progress report

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104 chapters published, 46 to go. This means that I should be done with it and The Aardvark back online in mid-June.

The Austrian liblog landscape

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Will be talking about library weblogs and weblog-like online publications by Austrian libraries tomorrow, May 18th, 4pm during the VÖB meeting at the Wienbibliothek.

The liblog landscape 2008

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The Aardvark Speaks still appears in Walt Crawford's annual study of librarian weblogs, or liblogs, although, due to my wildly irregular posting frequency, in a somewhat infavourable position (5 posts, down 44% from the previous year).

Unfortunately, Crawford collects his data from blog entries published from March through May, which happens to be the time when I was particularly inactive last year (for some reason August, the month when most of my readers are on holidays, was my most active month during the last few years).

At least, thanks to faithful commenters, I have one of the most densely commented liblogs in the study. So thanks to everyone who keeps writing.

Anyway, I admit openly that I am only writing this post so that I'm still included in Crawford's 2009 study, as this blog is currently still dormant due to my writing project Mr Singh Has Disappeared, which is currently occupying this web space, but doesn't count as sufficiently libloggy and will also be removed soon after the novel's print version is available.

Zweisprachiges Bloggen in Movable Type - ein Entwurf

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Summary for English readers: Thanks to Movable Type's custom fields, there should be no problem creating a blog layout that contains useful information for English readers if I choose to blog in German, which seems inevitable for some topics.
Mit den "Custom Felds" von Movable Type sollte es eigentlich möglich sein, ein Layout zu gestalten, bei dem auch englischsprachige Leser nicht im Regen stehengelassen werden, wenn es das Thema verlangt, dass ich in Deutsch darüber schreibe. Gleichzeitig ist es auch problemlod möglich, die entsprechenden Metadaten problemlos automatisch anzupassen.

Blog relaunch imminent

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Now that I've finished the manuscript for Mr Singh Has Disappeared and am about to publish the concluding chapters on the blog, I started thinking about a relaunch of The Aardvark Speaks, which has laid dormant while I was writing the novel. I've been playing around with a few designs, and I'm using this test post to figure out which might be feasible. So no big news here yet, but I intend to resume blogging as soon as the final chapters of Mr Singh are online.