what is "R"?

This is an introduction to the statistical programming environment "R" which is available at R-Project.
It was written by Harald Schilly, July 2006, Vienna, Austria

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Introduction, Data, Matrix, Statistics, Data Analysis, Graphics, Programming

available versions

There are two versions available, the first one for online reading and the second one for printing. Both rely on Java-Script and are tested on some Gecko-Engines, like Firefox, Mozilla, Epiphani and so on. Therefore it also shows, what is currently possible with automated textpocessing in web-browsers and a good practice for me.
The online version mimics some kind of interface for a better online reading experience. It dynamically builds the table of content and numbers the headings, does some animation, image zoom with preloading and the menu is built from an index XML file, which is used by the second view. The second view for printing parses auto-magically all websites, extracts the content and builds the final page. It is even intelligent enough to rewrite anchor links to a final note for reference, because printed links loose their linking information!
Here is also a PDF dump (dated 2007-10-05)
online print
special reader interface for better online experience, which consists of animated menu, automatically created well linked table of content, random background image, external link notifications and overlaid image-zoom with preloading b/w coloring, link extraction for final note references, single page layout
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