Günther Eder

I am a postdoctoral researcher in Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy (KGW) at the University of Salzburg, and a lecturer at the Departments of Philosophy in Vienna and Klagenfurt.

My main areas of research are in the history and philosophy of logic and mathematics. Currently I am running a 3-years project funded by the Austrian Science Fund in which I aim at a re-evaluation of the Frege-Hilbert controversy (FWF-Stand-Alone project P 30448). Working on Frege and Hilbert also piqued my interest in theories of truth and the concepts of logical truth and consequence.

Apart from that I am interested in philosophical and mathematical logic proper, metaphysics, philosophy of language and formal semantics, formal and traditional epistemology, and philosophy of science.

You can find my Academia webpage here, and my PhilPapers profile here. A copy of my CV is available here.