ao.Prof. Erich Neuwirth

Self Portrait

Erich Neuwirth,
ca. 1997



Welcome students and friends

I am a professor of Statistics and Computer Science
at the University of Vienna.

I am a member of the Data Analysis and ComputationalSystems Group at the Department of Scentific Computing in the Faculty of Computer Science, and I am the head of the Didactic Center for Computer Science at this faculty.

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I am also manager of SunSITE Austria, a Web server dedicated to Mathematics, Statistics, and Science Education.

Information about my classes is now available online.
My students can access the departmental BSCW server with support materials and discussion facilities.
If you are interested in doing your diploma thesis work under my supervision, here are diploma theses topics (Diplomarbeitsthemen) which I am willing to supervise.


You can access some of my Web based projects, and my statistical work related to elections in Austria.

You can download my public PGP


Information related to PISA
Informationen zu PISA:

Presseunterlagen zur Präsentation des Buches
PISA 2000 und PISA 2003:
Vertiefende Analysen und Beiträge zur Methodik

Zusammenfassung der notwendigen Korrekturen
der österreichischen PISA-Ergebnisse 2000 und 2003


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