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About Me

I am a research associate of the Multimedia Information System group at the University of Vienna. I did my PhD in Computer Science at the University of Vienna and I received a Master of Computer Science with distinction in Information and Knowledge Management from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna), Austria.

My research interests are in the area of data mining and collective intelligence, wherein I am motivated by how the availability of extensive human digital footprints (via online social media or smart pervasive artifacts), coupled with computational methods can help us to make sense of collective behavior or individual behavior. In particular, I am interested in creating intelligent adaptive systems for making the different strengths of big data, machines, and the human crowd exploitable by non-experts in different application domains.

My PhD thesis focused on design, implementation, and evaluation of an adaptive system that combines knowledge of designing multimedia information systems with the machine learning methods to enhance the usage of user-generated content (UGC) on the Web. This entails studying the characteristics of useful UGC along with evidence of their contextual features and demonstrating principle approaches for moderation of UGC.

Previous to the University of Vienna, I have worked for different companies and research centers, such as the SMARTASSISTANT and Iran Communication and Information Research Center, as a researcher and knowledge manager.

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