Dietmar Ölz

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Dietmar Oelz
Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM), Austrian Academy of Sciences
RICAM Research Group "Mathematical Methods in Molecular and Systems Biology"
Apostelgasse 23/ 3rd floor
A 1030 Wien, Austria

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Biological systems integrate a multitude of processes on various spatial and temporal scales. The output of biological processes is typically robust to a range of random perturbations, and frequently redundant processes coexist which further increases the insensitivity to variations triggered by evolution and differentiation. Mathematics is an outstanding tool to investigate such cooperative mechanisms on the molecular level which can hardly be assessed experimentally.

Building on a sound applied mathematics and partial differential equations background, the area of my research is to identify and describe processes in cell biology by formulating mathematical models, to evaluate them using numerical simulation and mathematical analysis and to validate such models against experimental data.

Essential aspects of my research are the formulation and simulation of stochastic microscopic models and the use of asymptotic analysis to derive and justify coarse-grained continuum models.

Short CV

I studied Technical Mathematics at the Vienna University of Technology. Furthermore I earned a Master's degree in Law and I finished the first ("non-clinical") part of Medical Studies (1. Diplomprüfung) at the University of Vienna.
I earned my PhD in Applied Mathematics from 2004 to 2007 at the University of Vienna (Fac. of Mathematics) as a member of the Wissenschaftskolleg "Differential Equations" of the Austrian Science Fund. My PhD advisor was Christian Schmeiser, my co-advisor was Peter Markowich. In the summer of the year 2005 I spent three months at the University of Buenos Aires working with C. Lederman. In spring 2007 I spent four months at the ENS-Paris rue d'Ulm in the group of B. Perthame.

In summer 2007 (July-September) I was invited as a visiting professor the the Universidad Nacionál de San Luis, Argentina (UNSL) to teach a lecture course on Applied Mathematics. From 2007-2008 I was a Post-Doc at Wolfgang Pauli Insitute, Vienna. Later on (2009-2010) I was assistant Professor on a temporary position at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna. From August 2010 till October 2013 I was a Research Scientist in the group "Mathematical Methods in Molecular and Systems Biology" of RICAM in the vicinity of the Vienna Bio Center. In 2013 I won an Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). I was a post-doc researcher in the group of Alex Mogilner first at UC Davis, then at the Courant Institute of Math. Sciences (New York University). Currently I am back in Vienna funded through the Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship.




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