David Schrittesser

I am currently visiting the Kurt Gödel Research Center at the University of Vienna.

I was until recently a postdoc associated to the DNRF Niels Bohr Professorship of Lars Hesselholt, and part of the non-commutative geometry group at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, where I worked with Asger Törnquist.

My Erdös number is 11 (using binary notation).

Research Profile

My research is in set theory; my primary interests are forcing and descriptive set theory.


At times, the list of papers on my arxiv author's page may be more up-to-date than the list below (but it will probably always miss the first four items from this list).

  1. Sigma^1_3-absoluteness in forcing extensions. Master's thesis, University of Vienna, 2004 (adviser: Sy Friedman).
  2. Lightface Sigma^1_2-indescribable cardinals. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 135 (2007), pp. 1213–1222.
  3. Projective measure without projective Baire. PhD thesis, University of Vienna, 2010 (adviser: Sy Friedman).
  4. (joint with Sy Friedman and Ralf Schindler) Coding over core models, in: Infinity, Computability, and Metaphysics (Geschke et al., eds.), Festschrift celebrating the 60th birthdays of Peter Koepke and Philip Welch, College Publications, pp. 167–182.
  5. (joint with Sy Friedman) Easton supported Jensen coding and projective measure without projective Baire. (2014) 142 pages. Submitted.
  6. (joint with Asger Törnquist) Definable maximal discrete sets in forcing extensions. (2015) 16 pages. Submitted.
  7. (joint with Asger Törnquist and Vera Fischer) A co-analytic Cohen-indestructible maximal cofinitary group. 20 pages. (2016) To appear in the Journal of Symbolic Logic.
  8. Definable discrete sets with large continuum. 26 pages. (2016)
  9. On Horowitz and Shelah's maximal eventually different family (2017) 6 pages. To appear in the RIMS Conference Proceedings.
  10. Compactness of maximal eventually different families. (2017) 9 pages. Submitted.

In Preparation

Upcoming and past talks

Young Set Theory 2016

A while ago, the famous Young Set Theory Workshop put up its tent in Copenhagen, organized by Karen Bakke Haga, Vibeke Quorning, Asger Törnquist, and me. We acknowledge generous support from the DNRF Niels Bohr Professorship of Lars Hesselholt and from the University of Copenhagen.



email: david.schrittesser "at" univie.ac.at

Universität Wien
Kurt Gödel Research Center
Währingerstraße 25
1080 Vienna