Prof. Dr. Habil. Darian M. Onchis

Senior Researcher and Project Leader
Constructive frames-based realizations in time-frequency analysis
Faculty of Mathematics

Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1,
A-1090 Wien, AUSTRIA

Recent activities

Congratulations to Simone Zappala for successfully defending his PhD thesis
at the University of Vienna under the supervision of Dr. Darian Onchis. Best
wishes for the future to Dr. Simone Zappala !

The paper "Numerical Stability of Spline-Based Gabor-like Systems", having
as co-authors the members of the CREAM research group (Onchis, Zappala,
Real, Istin), was accepted at the prestigious conference EUSIPCO,
to be held in early September 2018 in Rome, Italy.

The CREAM research group, leaded by Darian Onchis, will participate
with a presentation at the 14th Austrian Numerical Analysis Day, held
this year in Klagenfurt.

Lange Nacht der Forschung in Austria. Attending a special live talk
given by Prof. Herbert Edelsbrunner from ISTA.

Darian Onchis will be an editor for the special issue on Deep Learning
for diagnosis and prognosis in manufacturing, to be published in the
Elsevier journal Computers in Industry, Impact Factor 2.691.

The tasks as member of TPC for the EUSIPCO (European Signal Processing) 2018
conference were completed by Darian Onchis with the reviews of 5 papers.

Darian Onchis will give a talk on harmonic analysis methods for detecting
proteine coding regions at the 2nd Romanian Bioinformatics Seminar, to be
held at the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy between 18th
and 20th of April 2018.

The Matlab toolbox to compute the HSF of a binary digital image according
to the paper "Computing Homotopy Information of Digital Images in Parallel",
was uploaded to Matlab File Exchange. The paper was written by P. Real,
F. Diaz-del-Rio, H. Molina-Abril, D. M. Onchis and S. Blanco-Trejo.
The paper "Realizable algorithm for approximating Hilbert-Schmidt operators
via Gabor Multipliers", co-authors Darian Onchis and Simone Zappala, will be
published in the Elsevier Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics,
Impact factor 1.357

The paper "Stability of Spline-Type Systems in the Abelian Case", co-authors
Darian Onchis and Simone Zappala was published in the journal SYMMETRY,
Impact factor 1.457

Our long time scientific collaborator and friend, Prof. Pedro REAL was appointed
officialy as CATEDRATICO at the University of Seville, Spain. Congratulations !
Four master students will prepare their dissertation thesis on topics related
to deep learning and signal processing under the coordination of Dr. Darian
Dr. Codruta Istin won a research mobility grant and she will be integrated
in our research group for the next 3 months. Congratulations !

Darian won a Smart Cup at the CODECAMP IT conference, 2017, October.
The workshop DRILLS, chair Darian Onchis has a final program.

The paper entitled "Detecting proteine coding regions using a customized multi-scales
splines construction", single author Darian Onchis, was accepted for presentation at
the DRILLS workshop and it will be included in the ISI-indexed post-proceedings
of the SYNASC 2017 conference published be IEEE.

The paper entitled "Constructive realizable wavelet-like systems based on multi-windows
spline-type spaces", co-authors Darian Onchis, Simone Zappala was accepted for presentation
at the SYNASC 2017 conference and it will be included in the ISI-indexed
post-proceedings published be IEEE.

Three universities to which I am scientifically connected are among the first
50 universities in the world ( Shanghai-Ranking ):
* University of Vienna, Austria, Place 37, Senior researcher, PhD advisor,
* Aix-Marseille University, Place 45, Habilitation diploma,
* University of Seville, Spain, Place 49, PhD-like title.


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