Prof. Dr. Habil. Darian M. Onchis

Senior Researcher and Project Leader
Constructive frames-based realizations in time-frequency analysis
Faculty of Mathematics

Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1,
A-1090 Wien, AUSTRIA

Recent activities

Dr. Codruta Istin won a research mobility grant and she will be integrated
in our research group for the next 3 months. Congratulations !

Darian won a Smart Cup at the CODECAMP IT conference, 2017, October.
The workshop DRILLS, chair Darian Onchis has a final program.

The paper entitled "Detecting proteine coding regions using a customized multi-scales
splines construction", single author Darian Onchis, was accepted for presentation at
the DRILLS workshop and it will be included in the ISI-indexed post-proceedings
of the SYNASC 2017 conference published be IEEE.

The paper entitled "Constructive realizable wavelet-like systems based on multi-windows
spline-type spaces", co-authors Darian Onchis, Simone Zappala was accepted for presentation
at the SYNASC 2017 conference and it will be included in the ISI-indexed
post-proceedings published be IEEE.

Three universities to which I am scientifically connected are among the first
50 universities in the world ( Shanghai-Ranking ):
* University of Vienna, Austria, Place 37, Senior researcher, PhD advisor,
* Aix-Marseille University, Place 45, Habilitation diploma,
* University of Seville, Spain, Place 49, PhD-like title.

Scientific interaction with Prof. Josep Martinez from the University of Valencia, Spain.
Participation during the Period 3 of the Foundations of Computational Mathematics
conference (FOCM 2017), held in Barcelona, Spain.
Visit at the Centre de Mathématique et Informatique, Aix-Marseille Université and
scientific interaction with Prof. Bruno Torresani.

Darian Onchis is the principal invited researcher for the scientific and training
program entitled "Training and Research week on Topological and Harmonic Algorithms
for Bio-Images and Sequences
", organized by the Institute of Mathematics of the
University of Seville and by the research group TopRec, between July 24-July 28.

Simone Zappala succesfully graduated the training program for the PhD in mathematics
at the University of Vienna by obtaining all the ECTS credits. He has a full year
now to prepare the PhD thesis defence.

Darian Onchis completed the review work for the international conferences 13th IEEE
International Conference on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing (ICCP 2017)
and 11th International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing.

Darian Onchis accepted to be a member of the international jury for the examination
and the defence of the PhD student Raul Reina Molina from the University of Seville,
Spain, supervisor Prof. Pedro Real.

The papers entitled "Labelling color 2D digital images in theoretical near logarithmic
time", co-authors Fernando Diaz-del-Rio, Pedro Real and Darian Onchis and respectively
"Space-variant Gabor decomposition for filtering 3D medical images", co-authors Darian
Onchis, Codruta Istin and Pedro Real, were accepted at
17th International Conference on
Computer analysis of Images and Patterns CAIP 2017 and they will be published in LNCS,
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer.
Simone Zappala was accepted with schoolarship and he will participate in the Summer
School on Applied Harmonic Analysis, to be held in Genova during July 24-28, 2017


The presentation entitled "Numerical considerations of consistency and stability
in spline-type spaces", was given at the Austrian Numerical Analysis Day, held in
Salzburg, May 4-5, 2017, (

The Matlab code to support the paper entitled "Labelling color 2D digital images
in theoretical near logarithmic time", co-authors Fernando Diaz-del-Rio, Pedro Real
and Darian Onchis
, was released in MatlabCentral, FileExchange.

The work "Novel aspects of approximating Hilbert Schmidt operators via Gabor
Multipliers and Spline-type Spaces", co-authors Darian M. Onchis and Simone Zappala,
was accepted for presentation at the workshop C1 - Computational Harmonic Analysis
and Compressed Sensing at FoCM2017, Foundations of Computational Mathematics,
Barcelona, July 10th-19th, 2017 (

The paper "Toward Parallel Computation of Dense Homotopy Skeletons for nD Digital
Objects", co-authors Pedro Real, Fernando Diaz-del-Rio and Darian Onchis, was accepted at
the 18th International Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis and it will be published in
the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (


Darian Onchis accepted to be a member of the Program committee for the workshop on
"Digital Image Processing for Medical and Automotive Industry" in the framework of
SYNASC 2017,


CREAM Toolbox v1.0
was released. It includes Matlab code in support of the research
papers (e.g. Band limited case, Deformation to test continuity, Pseudodifferential
operator approximation, Standard Gabor and many more...).
Remark: The toolbox is released in the framework of the FWF project P27515 under open
access license for scientific work (see license file enclosed in the archive).
Please ask for the password at the following email:


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