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Cinzia Fornai, PhD

Cinzia Fornai, PhD

Short Curriculum Vitae

Current & Previous Positions

From 2015 Post Doc fellow at Department of Evolutionary Medicine, University of Zurich (30% position)
2014-2016 Assistant and tutor for the project “Dental wear in historical populations”
2011-2014 Assistant for the project “3D Craniometry for Dentistry” (
From 2011 Assistant for the EVAN Society ( online support to members and EVAN Toolbox workshops

Teaching Experience

from 2014 At Department of Anthropology, University of Vienna. SS: “300154 UE - 3D Image data processing, landmarking and template building”; WS: “300318 UE - Virtual Image Manipulation and Segmentation”; “300033 VO Virtuelle Anthropologie - Einführung in digitale 3D-Verfahren”, by Prof. Gerhard Weber.
from 2012 Lecturing at the Vienna Summer School, Forum for Science in Interdisciplinary Dentistry (Viesid)


2015 PhD in Biology, through the Department of Anthropology, University of Vienna
2009 MSc by research in Paleoanthropology. School of Anatomical Sciences and Institute for Human Evolution, Faculty of Science, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
2002 Laurea (Degree) in Natural Sciences (Paleo-biology). University of Rome La Sapienza
1993 Certificate in Accountancy, Rome

Current Research Interests

Cinzia Fornai is trained as an evolutionary anthropologist and has worked in the field of virtual anthropology for the last several years.
Her main topic of research is dental anthropology with special focus on dental morphology. In particular, she applies methods of virtual anthropology in which models from 3D image data are used for quantitative investigation of shape and form and endostructure.
She is been tutoring PhD students who engage in (PhD) research projects in various fields such as Biology, Dentistry, Periodontics, Orthodontics. These projects focus on the analysis of 3D image data from patients or osteological remains.