D_r_.___C_h_r_i_s_t_o_p_h __ A_U_B_R_E_C_H_T

Senior Geospatial and Disaster Risk Information Scientist
Position:  Senior scientific consultant 
Office address I: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  Energy Department
  Map of 'AIT Austrian Institute of Technology' in Vienna, Austria Giefinggasse 6, A-1210 Vienna, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: christoph.aubrecht@ait.ac.at___Email to Christoph Aubrecht @ AIT
Office address II: The World Bank
  G-SURR, Disaster Risk Management
  Map of 'World Bank LAC-DRM' in Washington DC, USA 1850 I St. NW, Washington DC 20006, USA
E-Mail: caubrecht@worldbank.org___Email to Christoph Aubrecht @ World Bank
Main location:Sapanca/Sakarya, TURKEY

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