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New publications from Birgit Sauer:


  • Stefanie Mayer und Birgit Sauer 2017: „Gender ideology“ in Austria: Coalitions around an empty signifier, in: Kuhar, Roman/Paternotte, David (Hg.): Anti-Gender Campaigns in Europe. Mobilizing against Equality, London/New York: Roman and Littlefield, S. 23-40


  • Birgit Sauer und Otto Penz 2017: Affective governmentality: A feminist perspective, in: Hudson, Christine/Rönnblom, Malin/Teghtsoonian, Katherine (Hg.): Gender, Governance and Feminist Analysis. Missing in Action?, London/New York: Routledge, S. 39-58

Announcing the Research Cluster “Gender and Politics” at the “International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs”

In December 2016, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded a three-and-a-half year financial support to establish the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs (ICCTP). The task of this international consortium is to document, connect, and support the various programs and projects that now represent critical theory across the globe.

The research cluster Gender and Politics at the University of Vienna, headed by Prof.Dr.in Birgit Sauer and Dr.in Brigitte Bargetz, is part of the ICCTP. The research group aims at a gender-sensitive theorization of politics, society, economy, and culture.

For more information please follow the link below:


Invitation to the Gender Gala: “In welchen Räumen lehren_lernen? bell hooks’ Engaged Pedagogy als Modus der Kritik”

The working group Gender and Politics at the IPW, the Studienvertretung Politikwissenschaft and the project Critical Science Literacy are inviting to the Gender Gala on Thursday, March 16th, 2017.

Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski will speak about bell hooks’ idea of Engaged Pedagogy, afterwards there will be enough time for discussions about critical teaching and learning and for a nice end of the evening with wine, juice and snacks.

Please find more information in the flyer:

In welchen Räumen lehren_lernen?

Conference: Gender & Agency: Knowledge X Power

At the top floor of the Juridicum the “hinge conference” of the research association Gender & Agency of the University of Vienna will take place on March 23rd, 2017.

If interested, please find more information in the programme below:


Event row “Feminstisch(e) Kritik vermitteln”

In the summer semester 2017 there will be an exciting event row at the Institute of Political Science: “Feministisch(e) Kritik vermitteln”. It will be about Science, critique of science and education out of a (queer-)feminist perspective.

Please find more information in the flyer and already prebook the dates!


Welcome visiting professor Dr. Hanna Meißner!

Welcome, Dr. Hanna Meißner!

In the summer semester 2017 Dr.  Hanna Meißner will support the team of Gender & Politics and teach at the Institute for Political Science as a visiting professor.

She offers the course 210156 SE M11: FOP Forschungspraktikum which will take place blocked at a few Fridays and Saturdays during the semester.

The accurate dates you can find here: https://ufind.univie.ac.at/de/course.html?lv=210156&semester=2017S


EuGH-Debate: Headscarf at the work place in private economy

In march 2016 the EuGH in Luxemburg concernded itself with the subject headscarf at the work place in private economy. Two lawsuits are filed, a sentence is expected shortly. In one of the lawsuits the responsible Advocate General Juliane Kott submitted a final request saying that the ban of the head scarf was permissible and no violation of the  General Equal Treatment Act. The acteurs working in the anti discrimination space, Dr. Sabine Berghahn, the Netzwerk gegen Diskriminierung und Islamfeindlichkeit/Inssan e.V., the Aktionsbündnis muslimischer Frauen (AmF) and Dr. Birgit Sauer, subtended arguments against this request and tried to approach the court with Amicus-Curiae-letters. These letters weren’t accepted by the court (with the argumentation that the court wasn’t allowed to speak with third persons about the argumentation of the Advocate General), but all who are engaged in this subject could find some useful information there. The fact that the responsible Advocate General of the second lawsuit, Eleanor Sharpston, came to another result, is still giving us hope. You can follow the debate under these links.






Symposion “Governance, Governmentality and the State: Postcolonial, Queer and Feminist Interventions”

Invitation to the



“Governance, Governmentality and the State: Postcolonial, Queer and Feminist Interventions”

at the University of Viennna

November 17th to November 18th, 2016




Thursday, 17th November 2016



Neues Institutsgebäude, Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Vienna, Department of Political Science, 2nd floor, Room “Hörsaal 1” (A212)

Keynote lecture Shirin Rai

“From the State to Governance and Back Again? Postcolonial and Feminist Interventions”

Introduction: Birgit Sauer and Gundula Ludwig


Friday, 18th November 2016


Alois-Wagner-Saal, C3 – Center for International Development, Sensengasse 3, 1090 Vienna. (http://www.centrum3.at/)


9.00-9.30       Welcome and Introduction to the Symposium (Wolfram Schaffar and Nikita Dhawan)


9.30-11.30     Panel 1


Chair: Birgit Sauer

Scheiterbauer, Tanja: The North African Uprisings and Revolts 2011: The Transformation of the State and its Impacts on Gender and Sexual Politics

Krämer, Anna: Why Africa’s ‘Weak States’ Matter. A Review of Colonial Moments in the Discourse on African Statehood and Sovereignty

Dogangun, Gökten: Conceptualizing Gender (In)equality in Turkey and Russia: Authoritarianism, Sexism, Feminism


11.30-12.00 Coffee Break


12.00-14.00 Panel 2


Chair: Nikita Dhawan

Dinkelaker, Samia: Governing through Labor Migration Sending States – Manufacturing Affective Domestic Workers from Indonesia

Hutta, Jan Simon: Precarious Governmentalisation: Brazilian Queer Politics between Transversality and the Neoliberal State

Siddiqui, Farida: Muslim Women, Religious Fundamentalism and State Intervention: The Context of Post-Colonial South Asia


14.00-15-00 Lunch Break


15.00-17.00 Panel 3


Chair: Gundula Ludwig

Jauk, Daniela: Shaping the State in a Roundabout Way? Interrogating Queer and Feminist Interventions at the United Nations

Klapeer, Christine-Maria: Decolonising the State while Queering Aid?

The (Im-)Possibility of an Affirmative Sabotage of (Homo-)Developmentalist Governmentalities

Mieszkowski, Sylvia: Governmentality and Acts of Counter-Conduct in Kate Atkinson’s “The War on Women”


17.00-17.30 Coffee Break


17.30-18.30 Input by Nikita Dhawan

Comments by Gundula Ludwig, Birgit Sauer, Wolfram Schaffar




For the Panel Discussions on Friday please register via verena.kettner@univie.ac.at !

Book tip of the month from Birgit Sauer and Otto Penz

The University of Vienna recommends “Affektives Kapital” from Birgit Sauer and Otto Penz as the book of the month!

An interview with the both authors about their new book and a possibility to win one of these you can find here:



Article: Spaces of Right-Wing Populism and Anti-Muslim Racism in Austria: Identitarian Movement, Civil Initiatives and the Fight against „Islamisation“

In the new volume of the “Czech Journal of Political Science” you can find the article “Spaces of Right-Wing Populism and Anti-Muslim Racism in Austria: Identitarian Movement, Civil Initiatives and the Fight against “Islamisation” from Birgit Sauer, Edma Ajanovic and Stefanie Mayer!



Spaces of Right-Wing Populism and Anti-Muslim Racism in Austria: Identitarian Movement, Civil Initiatives and the Fight against „Islamisation“, in: Czech Journal of Political Science, XXIII(2), 2016 (gem. mit Edma Ajanovic und Stefanie Mayer), S. 131-148