Dr. Bianca M. Mladek
Max F. Perutz Laboratories

  • 2011-present: VIPS Senior Post Doc in the group of Bojan Zagrovic at Department of Structural and Compurational Biology, Max F. Peruz Laboratories, Vienna.
  • 2012: University lecturer at University of Technology in Vienna.
  • 2008-2011: Post Doc in the group of Daan Frenkel at AMOLF, Amsterdam and at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge.
  • 2007-2008: University assistant in the Computational Physics group of Christoph Dellago at the University of Vienna.
  • 2004-2007: PhD student in the 'Soft Matter Theory' group of Gerhard Kahl at the University of Technology in Vienna.
  • 2003-2004: Master student in the group of Martin Neumann at the University of Vienna.
Department of Structural and Computational Biology
Max F. Perutz Laboratories GmbH
Vienna Bio Center 5/ room 1114
1030 Vienna
bianca (dot) mladek (at) univie (dot) ac (dot) at
Research Interests
  • Phase behaviour and nucleation of soft matter systems:
    • Integral equation theories.
    • Monte Carlo simulations.
  • Effective interactions of soft matter systems, such as dendrimers, DNA-coated colloids, polymers, etc.
  • Dynamical behaviour of soft matter.
  • Design of RNA sequences.
Fellowships and prizes
unpublished: peer reviewed publications:
  1. B.M. Mladek, M.J. Fernaud, G. Kahl, and M. Neumann, "On the thermodynamic properties of the generalized Gaussian core model", Condens. Matt. Phys. 8, 135 (2005) --- pdf
  2. B.M. Mladek, D. Gottwald, G. Kahl, M. Neumann, and C.N. Likos, "Formation of Polymorphic Cluster Phases for Purely Repulsive Soft Spheres", Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 045701 (2006). --- pdf, Erratum
    This publication was featured (among others) in the following media:
    Nature (Research Highlights)

    Bell Labs Condensed Matter Journal Club (How soft colloids respond to overcrowding)
    Der Online Standard (Dem Verhalten "weicher Materie" auf der Spur)
    Der Standard (Kuscheln gegen den Widerstand)
    physics web (When Repulsive Particles Stick Together - A New Angle On Clustering)
    chemie.de ("Weiche Materie": Sie ziehen sich an, obwohl sie sich abstoßen)
    Die Presse (Zusammen trotz Abstossung)
  3. B.M. Mladek, G.Kahl, and M. Neumann, "Thermodynamically self-consistent liquid state theories for systems with bounded potentials", J. Chem. Phys. 124, 064503 (2006). --- pdf
  4. C.N. Likos, B.M. Mladek, D. Gottwald, and G.Kahl, "Why do ultrasoft repulsive particles cluster and crystallize? Analytical results from density functional theory", J. Chem. Phys. 126, 224502 (2007). --- pdf
  5. B.M. Mladek, D. Gottwald, G. Kahl, M. Neumann, and C.N. Likos, "Clustering in the Absence of Attractions: Density Functional Theory and Computer Simulations", J. Phys. Chem. B 111, 12799 (2007). --- pdf
  6. B.M. Mladek, P. Charbonneau, and D. Frenkel, "Phase coexistence of cluster crystals: beyond the Gibbs phase rule", Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 235702 (2007). --- pdf
  7. B.M. Mladek, G. Kahl, and C.N. Likos, "Computer assembly of cluster-forming amphiphilic dendrimers", Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 028301 (2008); selected for publication in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology, issue of 28 January, 2008. --- pdf
  8. C.N. Likos, B.M. Mladek, A.J. Moreno, D. Gottwald, and G. Kahl, "Cluster-forming systems of ultrasoft repulsive particles: statics and dynamics", Comp. Phys. Comm. 179, 71 (2008). --- pdf.
  9. B.M. Mladek, P. Charbonneau, C.N. Likos, D. Frenkel and G. Kahl, "Multiple-occupancy crystals formed by purely repulsive, soft particles", J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 20, 494245 (2008). --- pdf
  10. K. Zhang, P. Charbonneau, and B.M. Mladek, "Reentrant and Isostructural Transitions in a Cluster-Crystal Former", Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 245701 (2010).
  11. B.M. Mladek and D. Frenkel, "Pair interactions between complex mesoscopic particles from Widom's particle-insertion method", Soft Matter, 7, 1450 (2011).
  12. D. A. Lenz, B. M. Mladek, C. N. Likos, G. Kahl, and R. Blaak, "Monomer-resolved simulations of cluster-forming dendrimers", J. Phys. Chem. B, 15,7218 (2011).
  13. F. J. Martinez-Veracoechea, B. M. Mladek, A. V. Tkachenko, and D. Frenkel, "Design Rule for Colloidal Crystals of DNA-Functionalized Particles", Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 045902 (2011).
  14. B. M. Mladek, J. Fornleitner, F. J. Martinez-Veracoechea, A. Dawid, and D. Frenkel, "Quantitative prediction of the phase diagram of DNA-functionalized nano-colloids", Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 268301 (2012). Editor's choice. Selected for Viewpoint: Francesco Sciortino, "DNA Hairs Provide Potential for Molecular Self-Assembly", Physics 5 , 71 (2012).
  15. D. A. Lenz, R. Blaak, C. N. Likos, B. M. Mladek, "Microscopically-resolved simulations prove the existence of soft cluster crystals", Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 228301 (2012). Highlighted in a Nature "News and Views": Francescos Sciortino and Emanuela Zaccarelli, "Computational materials science: Soft heaps and clumpy crystals", Nature 493, 30 (2013).
Conferences, workshops and tutorials
  • Jülich Soft Matter Days, November 2004, Kerkrade, Netherlands.
  • CECAM tutorial "Advanced Monte-Carlo methods", January 2005, CECAM, Lyon, France.
  • 6th Liquid Matter Conference, July 2005, Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • MESOSIM, April 2006, Jülich, Germany.
  • MECO 31, April 2006, Primošten, Croatia.
  • TAM 2006, June 2006, Barcelona, Spain.
  • SOCOBIM, July 2007, Terrasini, Sicily.
  • International Soft Matter Conference 2007, October 2007, Aachen, Germany.
  • Einsteins in the City 2, October 2007, New York, USA.
  • Amsterdam New Amsterdam, December 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • "Metastability and rare events in complex systems" Workshop, February 2008, Vienna, Austria.
  • 23. Workshop on Novel Materials and Superconductors, February 2008, Planneralm, Donnersbach, Austria.
  • 1st Joint Austrian and Slovenian Polymer Meeting, March 2008, Graz, Austria.
  • SimBioMa, April 2008, Konstanz, Germany.
  • Exploring the (hard) core of soft matter, June 2008, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Daan Frenkel Reunion 2008, June 2008, Baarlo, The Netherlands.
  • ACMM opening symposium, June 2008, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • 7th Liquid Matter Conference, June 2008, Lund, Sweden.
  • New Trends in Simulating Colloids: from Models to Applications, July 2009, Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • International Soft Matter Conference, July 2010, Granada, Spain.
  • Coarse-Graining Strategies and Methodologies for Polymeric and Biomolecular Assemblies, July 2011, Lyon, France.
  • 8th Liquid Matter Conference, September 2011, Vienna, Austria.
last updated: February 21st, 2013.

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