Arriving in Vienna

There are local trains (S-Bahn), subways (U-Bahn), busses (Bus) and trams (Straßenbahn). The S-Bahn is run by the ÖBB (federal train), most other lines are run by the Wiener Linien (Vienna public transport). All lines can be used with tickets from the Wiener Linien.

Links: timetable information; interactive map of town with address search and public transport; map of the S- and U-Bahn network.

Single tickets (changes allowed): €1.80 at vending machines or shops
or €2.20 if you buy them in busses and trams.
You must not enter the subway area or a train without a valid ticket.
Weekly tickets (monday-sunday) for €14 or monthly tickets for €49.50 are a good deal.
The 8-days-of-your-choice-ticket (not 8 times 24h!) for €28.80 can be used in groups, for example 2 days of your choice for two persons, and other 4 days for one person.
72h ticket €13.60, 24h ticket €5.70, 8am-8pm ticket €4.60.
The 72h tourist ticket for €18.50 includes some discounts for museums etc. Here you find more informations.

For guest who arrive by plane at Vienna International Airport: You will be guided to a green train called "CAT" whose purpose is to rip-off strangers, do not use this tourist trap. The only real advantage of it is that when you leave Vienna, you can check in at the CAT station in the city. It costs between €8 and €10 and it does not include transport in the city. Instead, use the standard ÖBB-train (the blue S-Bahn) to the city. Follow the ÖBB-symbol with the train on it. The ÖBB-train station is harder to find, ask for it. It runs on the same rails as the CAT. Both trains go every 30 minutes. You can use the ÖBB-train with a ticket which is valid in the city if you add an extra single ticket of €1.70 for the distance from the airport to the border of the town. For this reason you have to buy your ticket for the city already at the airport. Then you only pay €1.80 instead of €8 or €9 to go from the airport to the city.

Selected connectiones from the airport: By S-Bahn from "Flughafen Wien" to "Wien Mitte", then with the U-Bahn U4 to Friedensbrücke, from there by tram (5 or 33) to ESI, Uni and hotels in that area. Or by S-Bahn from "Flughafen Wien" to "Handelskai", and then with the S-Bahn S45 to Oberdöbling (Hotel Kaiser Franz Josef).

If this is too much effort, you can use the Airport Taxi or other taxis for approximately €27.

For those who arrive by car, you either need a car park at you hotel or you have to park you car somewhere in outer suburbs. In the inner suburbs you have to pay per hour for parking on the street. Ask me if you want to know how this works.

There is a night bus system for those who want to go out till late after midnight.

If you are interested in the mysteries of the public transport system in Vienna then you will sooner or later ask the following questions: How do I use half price tickets for shorter distances? Why are there U-Bahns U1-U4 and U6, but no U5? What do the numbers and letters of the stamp on my ticket mean? Why do people in Vienna call the tram "Bim"? Is it better to wait at a red or at a blue tram stop? Why do some trams have numbers, and others have letters and what do they mean? Where does the tram line 45 go to? Sometimes the busses and trams have numbers and letters which are crossed out. What does this mean?

There are rumours that there is a magic tram in Vienna. It is called the line "E", because it is enchanted. Nobody knows the time table and nobody knows where the stations are. On a very special day in a very special moment you might be able to see it slowly crossing the Danube over the Floridsdorfer bridge. But where does it go to?