Last update: March 2014

Dr. Benjamin Sames

Benjamin Sames


Dipl.-Geol., Dr. rer. nat.







Actual affiliation:

Project Collaborator and Secretary IGCP 609

University of Vienna


Department for Geodynamics and Sedimentology

Geozentrum, Althanstrasse 14

1090 Vienna



UZA II, Room 2A 277

Phone:  +43 (0) 1 4277 5315

E-Mail: benjamin.sames(at)

Department Website:

This site:

Further Affiliations


§ Visiting Staff

Universität Wien, Institut für Paläontologie

Geozentrum, Althanstrasse 14

1090 Wien, AUSTRIA


§ Affiliated Research Associate (Vert. Pal.)

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History (SNOMNH)

2401 Chautauqua Ave.

Norman, OK 73072-7029, USA


§ Stratigraphic Consultant

Petrobras (Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.)



CIFELLI, R.L., DAVIS, B.M. and SAMES, B., 2014. Earliest Cretaceous mammals from the western United States. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 59(1): 31-52.

Research Summary

My research focuses on micropalaeontology of late Mesozoic (Late Jurassic - Early Cretaceous) non-marine deposits. Central aspects of my research are the taxonomy, phylogeny, palaeobiology and biostratigraphical application of ostracods (microcrustaceans of around 1mm size with a calcified bivalved shell, the carapace), that today inhabit virtually all aquatic environments, both marine and non-marine). Ostracods' small size, morphological variability, ecology, fossilization potential and long geological history render them excellent candidates for a wide array of applications. In non-marine deposits, ostracods are among the most common fossils, at least since the Middle-Late Jurassic, and consequently one of the most useful groups.