Current position:

Professor at the University of Vienna

Professor at the Summer - School of the University of Vienna

Visiting professor at the DAK (“Diplomatic Academy”, Vienna)

Visiting professor at the “MAIS” (Master of Interdisciplinary science) programme of the DAK and the University of Vienna

Regular contributor to “Die Presse”, “Der Standard” and the Austrian Radiostation ORF - Ö1


Education and career:

1966 Graduated High School

1966-1971 Study at University of Vienna (major field: Jurisprudence; Minor field: Political Philosophy)

1971 Ph.D. in Law, University of Vienna

1971-1972 Legal practice in provincial court in Vienna; Chief counsel for OECD - affairs

1972-1973 Fellow in the Political Science Faculty at the “Institut für Höhere Studien und Wissenschaftliche Forschung“, Vienna

1973-1980 Assistant Professor at the Political Science Institute, University of Salzburg

1979 Habilitation

1980 Associate Professor at the University of Vienna

1987-1988 Visiting Professor at the Franklin & Marshall - College, Lancaster, PA

1995 Visiting Professor at the “Joseph Schumpeter - Summerschool in Czernowitz, Ukraine

2000 Lectures at the University of Sophia, Bulgaria

2001 Visiting Professor at the University of Metz, France


Born: Nov. 10, 1947, Vienna