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Software for Astronomy


In order to reduce the data for my PhD-Thesis, I had to write a software package to reduce speckle-interferometric data and find binaries. Since this package is still useful in the age of Adaptive Optics, it can now be found on the software pages of the Center for Adaptive Optics.


Another project I was working on is Starfinder, a very ...err... promising program to search for and measure the positions and fluxes of stars in images obtained with the help of Adaptive Optics. You can download my version here.


My software to prepare MIDI (and other) observations is cheddar.

The software to reduce the observations afterwards is MIA+EWS.


My page about image reconstruction with MATISSE.

The Mousewheel-patch for xv

When I got my wheelmouse (that's a computer-mouse with a scrollwheel, not a mouse in a wheelchair), I became addicted in about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, it took much longer to teach all the important programs what to do with it. An especially stubborn program was xv, my favourite image-viewing program. I finally decided to do it myself and wrote a patch for it. The patched version allows you to use the wheel to scroll in the file lists, the text view, the visual schnauzer, and the dials in several windows.

To use it, you need the sources for xv 3.10a (surprise!), and you should apply at least the following patches:

All of these patches are so useful that I wouldn't bother compiling xv without them. They can be found on the Download-page for xv.

Finally, you have to download my mousewheel-patch and apply it using:

	patch < xv-mousewheel.patch
Then compile and install xv as described in its documentation.

Rainer Köhler