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Research interest

In brief: Counting stars.

Not quite so brief: Determining the fraction of multiple systems in different environments. This includes young stars in star-forming regions like Taurus-Auriga, Scorpius-Centaurus, Chamaeleon, Orion, Lupus, Ophiuchus, and old population II stars in the galactic halo.

If you want to read even more, you are welcome to look at my publications.

Since real binaries tend to be close together, I'm interested in high-angular-resolution observing techniques. I started with speckle interferometry and Adaptive Optics systems, then I worked on the data reduction software for the mid-infrared interferometric instrument MIDI and the astrometric instrument PRIMA of the VLTI. In Vienna, I am working on the data reduction pipelines for METIS and MICADO, two instruments planned for the European Extremely Large Telescope.

Once upon a time, when I had some spare time left, I used to write nice little programs to make life and work easier. Some of them can be found on my software-page.

Rainer Köhler