Philosophy of Mind Discussion Group Vienna


April 2

Marc Hauser, Noam Chomsky, W. T. Fitch: The Faculty of Language: What Is It, Who Has It, and How Did It Evolve?

March 27

Conor McHugh: Self-Knowledge and the KK Principle

March 23

Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Private Language Argument (Philosophical Investigations §243-313

March 16

Ludwig Wittgenstein: On Intentions and Rule-Following (Philosophical Investigations §185-245

March 9

Anthony Jorm; Mattias Angermeyer; Heinz Katschnigg: Public Knowledge of and Attitudes towards mental Disorders

March 2

Gilbert Harman: The Intrinsic Quality of Experience

February 16

Daniel Stoljar: Physicalism and Phenomenal Concepts

February 9

John Campbell: Molyneux´ Question

February 2

Joshua Knobe: The Concept of Intentional Action - A Case Study in the Use of Folk Psychology

January 26

Jesse Prinz: Imitation and Moral Development + The Emotional Basis of Moral Judgment

January 19

Tim Crane: Is Perception a Propositional Attitude?

11. January

Richard L. Peterson: Money Emotions + Excitement and Greed + Overconfidence and Hubris, from: Inside the Investor´s Brain


December 16

Christian Mikunda: Rhythmisierung

December 7

Dan Zahavi: Expression and Empathy

December 2

Elliot Sober / Lawrence Shapiro: Epiphenomenalism - the Do´s and the Don´ts

November 11

Edouard Machery: Doing without Concepts, chapter 3 (The Heterogeneity Thesis)

November 17

Hartry Field: Mental Representation

November 11

Gareth Evans: Molyneux´s Question

November 4

Donald Davidson: Thinking Causes + Jaegwon Kim: Can Supervenience and `Non-Strict Laws´ Save Anomalous Monism?

October 28

Michael Tye: Consciousness Revisited, chapter 3, part 2 ("Physicalism and the Appeal to Phenomenal Concepts")

October 14

Michael Tye: Consciousness Revisited, chapter 3, part 1 ("Physicalism and the Appeal to Phenomenal Concepts")

October 7

Cynthia McDonald: Mary meets Molyneux - The Explanatory Gap and the Individuation of Phenomenal Concepts

September 23

Ned Block: Wittgenstein and Qualia

September 16

Edwin Glassner: Psychophysical Parallelism (Dissertation), chapter 10

September 2

Edwin Glassner: Psychophysical Parallelism (Dissertation), chapter 1

August 26

John Michael: What is Folk Psychology (Dissertation).

August 5

Galen Strawson: Why Physicalism Entails Panpsychism